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[Disc 1 ] FEEL SO FINE : The Mento、Shuffle & Ska Years
1.Lord Power - Penny Reel
2.The Jiving Juniors - Lollipop Girl
3.Laurel Aitken - Judgment Day
4.Monty & Roy - In & Out Tthe Window
5.Derrick & Patsy - Feel So Fine
6.Baba Brooks & His Band - River Band Part I
7.Stranger Cole - Rough & Tough
8.The Baba Brooks Orchestra - Watermelon Man
9.Stranger & Patsy - When You Call My Name
10.The Baba Brooks Orchestra - Musical Communion
11.Eric Morris - Solomon A Gundy
12.Margarita - Woman A Come
13.Stranger & Patsy - Yeah Yeah Baby
14.Don Drummond - Eastern Standard Time
15.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come
16.Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Garden Of Love
17.Owen & Leon - The Fits Is On Me
18.Joe White - Down Town Gal
19.Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Street Corner
20.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Rub Up、 Push Up
21.Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Occupation
22.The Melodies - Vacation
23.The Skatalites - Latin Goes Ska
24.The Techniques - Little Did You Know
25.Derrick Mrogan - Don’t Call Me Daddy
26.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Dance Crasher
27.Don Drummond & The Tommy McCook Band - Lucky Seven
28.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Try Me

[Disc 2]THE TIDE IS HIGH : The Rock Steady Years
1.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Girl I’ve Got A Date
2.The Paragons - Happy Go Lucky Girl
3.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Cry Tough
4.The Paragons - On The Beach
5.Phyllis Dillon - Don’t Stay Away
6.The Paragons - The Tide Is High
7.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Save A Bread
8.The Three Tops - Do It Right
9.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Rock Steady
10.The Jamaicans - Things You Say You Love
11.The Paragons - Only A Smile
12.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Why Birds Follow Spring
13.The Melodians - I Will Get Along Without You
14.The Techniques - You Don’t Care
15.Phyllis Dillon - Perfidia
16.The Melodians - You Don’t Need Me
17.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Ain’t That Loving You?
18.The Techniques - Queen Majesty
19.The Melodians - You Have Caught Me
20.The Jamaicans - Baba Boom (Festival ’67)
21.The Melodians - Last Train To Expo ’67
22.Dobby Dobson - I’m A Loving Pauper
23.The Techniques - Travelling Man
24.Alton Ellis - My Willow Tree
25.The Techniques - I Wish It Would Rain
26.Joya Landis - Angel Of The Morning
27.The Sensations - Those Guys
28.Ken Parker - True、 True、 True

[Disc 3]WAKE THE TOWN : Reggae Years
1.John & Joya - I’ll Be Lonely
2.Joya Landis - Moonlight Lover
3.Phyllis & Hopeton - Get On The Right Track
4.John Holt - Tonight
5.Alton Ellis - Breaking Up
6.John Holt - Ali Baba
7.The Melodians - Everybody Bawling
8.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Drink Milk
9.Dave Barker - Lock Jaw
10.John Holt - Stealing Stealing
11.Ken Parker - I Can’t Hide
12.Dave Barker - Funky Reggae
13.Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon - Remember That Sunday
14.U Roy - Wake The Town
15.Alton Ellis - What Does It Take To Win Your Love
16.Hopeton Lewis - Boom-Sha-Ka-Lacka
17.U Roy - Rule The Nation
18.Alton Ellis - You Made Me So Very Happy
19.U Roy & John Holt - Wear You To The Ball
20.Phyllis Dillon - One Life To Live、 One Love To Give
21.Hopeton Lewis & U Roy - Drive Her Home
22.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Botheration
23.John Holt - Sister Big Stuff
24.The Ethiopians - Pirate
25.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Mighty Redeemer (part 1)
26.Ken Parker - Help Me Make It Through The Night
27.Dennis Alcapone - Wake Up Jamaica
28.Rosalyn Sweat & The Paragons - Blackbird (Singing)
29.Pat Kelly - Sunshine (On My Shoulders)
30.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Sinners Where You Gonna Hide

1.Stranger & Ken - Feeling Of Love
2.The Baba Brooks Band - Guns Fever (original mix - take 2)
3.Owen & Leon - Want Me Cock (take 1)
4.The Spanishtonians - You Wish Me Bad (take 6)
5.Roland Alphonso - Nuclear Weapon (original mix)
6.The Zodiacs - Wake Me、 Shake Me (take 2)
7.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Honey I Love (All My Tears)
8.Lyn Taitt & The Boys - Storm Warning (take 1)
9.The Silvertones - My True Confession (take 1)
10.The Supersonics - Michelle
11.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Once A Man (alternate version)
12.The Teacher Man - The Lesson
13.Joey & Group - Soul Love
14.The Termites - Breaking Up
15.Hopeton Lewis - There She Goes
16.Hopeton Lewis & Sir Lord Comic - What A Situation (aka Black Man’s Time)
17.Phyllis & Hopeton - Boys & Girls Reggae (take 3)
18.Tyrone Evans - Cry Little Girl、 Cry
19.The Silvertones - Don’t Run For A Hiding Place
20.The Versatiles - What Have I Done
21.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Sufferation 1969
22.John Holt & The Ebonies - Wooden Heart (alternate version - take 3)
23.The Sensations - Every Day Is A Holiday (alternate version)
24.The Supersonics - Reggae Saints (take 2)
25.Nora Dean - Barbwire (alternate version)
26.Duke Reid’s All Stars - Chant
27.Tony & His Group - Fire Fire (take 3)
28.Phyllis Dillon - Woman Of The Ghetto (original mix)
29.Pat Kelly - I Wish It Would Rain (Rehearsal)
Title: THE TREASURE ISLE STORY : The Soul Of Jamaica(4CD Box Set)
Label: TROJAN(UK)/Sactuary/BMG
年代: 2017
Comment: Treasure Isle115曲入り4枚組CD Box!
Format: Listen: